How to Find Lost Tozo Earbuds?

Misplacing your Tozo Earbuds can be really frustrating and even more so if you don’t remember where you last had them. Don’t panic; there are a few steps that you can take to help find your lost Tozo Earbuds.


1. Check Everywhere Around You

The best way to start your search for lost Tozos is by backtracking your steps and looking around the area you were last in. This could be your bedroom, living room, or car, as well as any areas you may have gone to in between, such as bathrooms or hallways. It’s best to begin searching from the most recent spot, rather than backtracking all the way from your house (unless you remember exactly which route you took). Look everywhere once; do a quick head-to-toe scan of the room and check underneath any furniture you may have sat on. Make sure to also look in pockets that may have earbuds tucked away.

2. Use the App

If you have the Tozo app installed on your phone, then you can use it to track your missing earbuds. The app will show you what Bluetooth devices are connected to your phone, so if your earbuds still have a Bluetooth connection, they should be displayed on the app. Tozo earbuds also have the “Find My Earbuds” feature, which will show you the last known location to which the earbuds were connected to. This function is only available if the connection is still active and you haven’t moved too far away.

3. Call or Text Your Earbuds

If you’re still having trouble finding your missing Tozos, then the next step is to try calling the earbuds. Tozo earbuds have a microphone and speaker, so you can call them by either connecting to them through the app or by calling them directly through their own phone number. If you don’t know the number, you can find it in the app or in the user manual.

If you’re unable to get a signal, then you may want to consider sending a text message to your earbuds instead. You can do this either through the app or by texting the earbuds’ phone number. The earbuds will vibrate, beep, or play a sound when they receive your message.

4. Utilize Alexa

You can also use Alexa to locate your lost Tozo earbuds. Simply enable the “Tozo Skill” in your Amazon Alexa app and say, “Alexa, ask Tozo to find my earbuds”. Then, Alexa should help you locate your earbuds if they’re nearby.

5. Contact Customer Service

If none of these methods work, it may be time to contact Tozo’s customer service. You can call or email them and they should be able to help you locate your lost earbuds.

Finding lost Tozo earbuds can be a tricky task, but with these tips, you should be able to locate them in no time. Don’t give up hope, you can find those earbuds! Good luck!